Knocking on 30’s Door: 28 Birthdays and Counting

Lights flicker as I hear the restaurant doors burst open and my family and friends walk towards me singing Happy Birthday. 28 candles beam atop a beautiful cake. I suddenly start to panic! Just the other day I was turning 22! Could this be possible?!

“Suddenly the sense of urgency to get your life together comes over you like a flood.”

Are my twenties really almost over? As they continue to sing, coming closer and closer, my mind drifts off to the time when I was younger, tighter, happier, carefree, more oblivious to all of the heart ache in this world. I sat and thought about my college days and even though things were sometimes a bit stressful then, they weren’t as real as they are now. I thought about all the mistakes I made with my credit, old friends, old lovers, paths I should have taken instead of the one that I chose. My sister whispers for me to snap out of it in the mist of the last bits of the Happy Birthday song. I close my eyes, thank God for another year on this earth and blow out my candles. The rest of the night was a blur. I wake up the next morning, roll out of bed and stare at myself in the mirror. Dont act like you’ve never done it; had that quiet moment when you ask yourselves what next? What now? I looked into my eyes and saw a now 28-year-old woman, no longer able to use the excuses of her childish past and only a mere two years away from the “DIRTY 30”. I thought to myself, shouldn’t I be married, or in my career, or already know who the hell I am if someone were to ask. In the upcoming weeks I went through a range of emotions, optimism, sadness, depression, excitement…

“but then it dawned on me, getting older isn’t a death sentence. It’s actually a second chance, maybe even a third and fourth for some of us.”

It’s never too late to change your life and be who you want to be no matter what age. Be encouraged.

Published by

Amina Kay

Inching closer and closer to your 30s, or woke up one day and were already amidst them? Well, join the club! You're in the right place. Have you learned to embrace them or are you still struggling with that? We've all been, and most still are, but we don't have to go through it alone. As a contributor to the 30's Chronicles, Amina brings heart felt, relatable posts about this very transition. A Florida native, currently living in Atlanta, GA and new to the blogging community. She shares raw material about every day situations we've all been through. You know, that time when we start putting those "20 somethings" to rest and look towards a new decade of our personal journeys called life. Thanks for stopping by. Be Blessed. Stay encouraged.

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