Purpose. Power. Persistence: Having Faith When You’re Discouraged

The other day a young lady confided in me via Instagram. She spoke to me about her lack of faith of finally reaching her calling in life. I was honored that she felt comfortable enough to confide in me, and I enjoyed our heartfelt conversation. After the conversation was over, I sat and thought for a while. This young lady isn’t the only one having trouble believing that her blog, business, personal life, or job will finally grow in the way of her vision. There are many people out there, including myself, that sometimes wonder if what we’re doing will finally pay off, and when.  

“Faith It, Until You Make it.” ~Erica Dias~

It’s so easy to become discouraged when you look around and see everyone’s vision falling into place but yours. What we don’t see on the surface is all the hard work, sleepless nights, failures, stressful days, effort, praying over, and faith building these individuals have put into their work in order to bring their vision to reality. So this is the basis of this blog post.

I had the privilege to read ‘Faith It, Until You Make It,’ by Erica Dias. This book is full of inspirational quotes to help you through your entrepreneurial journey. Erica calls these her “Pick Me Up” quotes, which I can see why after reading the book. I found myself NEEDING these quotes.

“Never let a day go by when you work on other people’s dream and not your own.” ~Erica Dias~

If you’ve been following The 30’s Chronicle on Instagram, then you know that this quote resonates with me big time. Ladies, it is so important to take time out of your busy days to focus on yourself and your dream. If we can wake up at 7am every day to go to a job that ultimately fulfills the dreams of another man, then we have time to work toward fulfilling our own dreams.

“I don’t see anyone as my competition. We don’t have the same dreams, ambitions, or goals. We’re not the same.” ~Erica Dias~

This quote by Erica hit it on the nail. We need to internalize this. There’s no such thing as competition, so we need to get this out of our heads. Instead, we should help build each up, support each other, and be the cheerleader we need. There’s enough success for everyone to get a piece of the pie. Trust me, there’s something special about a group of women who can come together in fellowship.

“What you want exists. Don’t settle until you get it.” ~Erica Dias~

When I used to tell people my dream, they would laugh. Anything outside of the norm isn’t comprehendible to the average mind. But guess what, I believe in my vision and won’t stop until it comes into existence. No matter how far-fetched your vision may be, continue to push forward. All dreams are achievable, some may take longer to accomplish than the next, but like they say, the best time to plant you tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.

I give ‘Faith It Until You Make It’ 5 out of 5 stars. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, blogger, or simply finding your niche in life, these quotes will encourage and motivate you to push forward.

Live happy and inspired!


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