Drop It. Leave It. Let It Go: Keep Moving Forward Knowing That Your Best Days Are Up Ahead

One day I was told by an ex supervisor that I was a follower. When I asked her to elaborate, she told me that she felt I didn’t voice my opinion when it came to making certain decisions on my team. My response, to her criticism was, “Just because I pick and choose my battles, doesn’t mean that I am a follower with no voice.” That was the end of that brief meeting. Needless to say, her comment made me upset. During this time, I worked at a nonprofit. I was placed on a team of 4 consisting of 2 women and 2 men. Unfortunately, the other woman was always in competition with me and always needed to feel as though she was the Head B*&!@ In Charge. I allowed her the 15 minutes of fame she so desperately needed to validate her existence. I couldn’t stand one more day of disagreement and tension. I knew I had two options, continue to go at each other’s throat, or refuse to allow my coworker to steal my happiness. I went with the latter. My supervisor viewed this as a sign of weakness and made it a point to let me know. I didn’t allow myself to remain upset at my supervisor, and I refused to waste another minute being bitter. In that moment, I dropped the issue, left it in its tracks, and let it go. A few weeks later, I quit, and regained my happiness.

This leads me to my thought of the day.

“Ladies, letting go and moving forward doesn’t mean that you are weak and don’t care. This is a sign of strength. Life is too short and way too valuable to continue to carry around negative baggage.”

Lets make the decision to not get weighed down by guilt, hurt, and anger. Once we make this conscience decision, we will find that each step we make moving forward is that much more lighter. This pertains to the workplace, personal and romantic relationships, to road rage and the lady at the cash register with horrible customer service.

Going through life with a chip on your shoulder isn’t cute, nor is it healthy for your spirit. Believe it or not, people can pick up on your negative vibe and oftentimes it can cause people to become distant toward you. Lets face it, we all have that one person whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or family member that ALWAYS call to complain about life as a whole. We look at the caller I.D and decide to reluctantly answer, or ignore the call all together. Don’t be that person. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a bad day every now and then, that’s inevitable. What I’m saying is, don’t become consumed with everything that has ever gone wrong in your life. Every time you speak on past hurts, you reopen healing wounds. You deny yourself the opportunity to move forward stronger, and wiser. Instead, you are right back at square one with a heavy heart unable to focus on what greater things you have in the days ahead of you.

I say all of this because I too have allowed myself to become a victim of anger, hurt, and grudges. At 29 years old, these are things I refuse to follow me into my 30’s. What have been your challenges on this topic?

As always, live happy and inspired!



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A Proud member of a club of grown, sexy, experienced, intelligent, strong, and independent women. Life at 30 has never been better!

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