The Bigger the Burden, The Bigger the Blessing.

At 20 I made the decision to join the United States Air Force. At the time, I had no idea how big of a burden had been placed on my shoulders. At such a young age, I had a great responsibility, and I felt as though maybe I wasn’t cut out for such a task. I endured, honorably. God kept me under his wing during my 2 deployments in Qatar and Afghanistan. Afghanistan, that was a tough mission. Although I can’t go into detail of the mission, lets just say I’m blessed to have made it home alive with all of my limbs and my sanity. Since I’ve been home, I’m thankful for all the perks that comes along with being a veteran. I’ve had the opportunity to obtain my bachelor’s degree, paid for by the military…and if I wanted to go as far as becoming a doctor, in the state of Texas, that would also be paid for. Not to mention, while in school, all your books and cost of living is paid for. Of course, there’s much more, but for these alone I’m thankful. By honorably serving my country, and risking my life for the freedom of our nation, I can honestly say that I’m a proud veteran and wouldn’t have changed this for the world. Although the burden was big, God blessed me with so much more.

“We may find ourselves faced with many obstacles in life. But what we should remember in the mist of pitfalls, is that we are still highly favored.”

Dealing with a failed business, relationship, friendship, or career may make us feel as though we are constantly getting the short end of the stick. As many of us have heard over and over again, God will not put more on us than we can bare. This is a true statement. We are blessed, which is why we may have burdens to begin with…but at the end of a stressful day with nothing seeming to go your way, remember that all your blessings have and will overshadow anything you’ve been through.

You’re at a job you’ve worked so hard for. You’re up against someone else for that promotion. You’ve prayed and have a sense of calmness knowing that the promotion is yours. You don’t get the promotion. You’re angry, but yet you still have to work at your current employer knowing you could be doing so much more. That’s just it. You can be doing so much more, and God is getting you ready for a bigger, greater blessing.  A few months pass and you’ve started your own business. You put your faith in the business and you quit your job to work for yourself full time. You then realize that things aren’t growing as fast as you thought they should. You start to regret quitting your stable job. You ask God why things never seem to work in your favor. All along, God is preparing you for something you’d never guess in your wildest imagination. Remain open during those times of stress, anger, and hatred. Don’t allow the downfalls of life to keep you from believing that you are blessed.

Things will not always happen on our terms, but when they do happen, you better be ready.

There’s been many times that I made decisions simply out of my faith in God. I knew that God would never allow me to hit rock bottom. Just when I felt that maybe I was wrong, God caught me. If you’re a blogger struggling to get readers and traffic to your website, keep writing. The light at the end of the tunnel may be closer than you think. I’ve been a victim too many times of giving up before I reached success. Don’t you become that victim. We are victors.

Live happy and inspired!


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