Relationship Confidentiality: A Lesson For The Ladies

Ladies ladies ladies. I’m not here to judge. I have way too much going on in my own life to be judging anyone. But listen, we’ve got to do better when it comes to putting all of our personal relationship business in the streets. Let me get to the point. Relationships are a beautiful thing. Love is a beautiful thing. Many crave relationships and even more believe that marriage is their calling. That’s all fine and dandy. Do me one favor though…

“Stop airing out all your dirty laundry for the world to know, and then getting upset when everyone has an opinion about your situationship.”

One moment, things are so disastrous. You’re crying because you’ve been done so wrong. You’re in need of prayer, help, guidance, and everything else under the sun. You’re being emotionally abused. You’re being disrespected and taken advantage of. You ask for advice. You’re given advice. Then you become upset. Why? Ladies, I’m speaking to you because you’re the far majority that reads this blog. I’m not picking on you by any means, trust me. We’ve all been there and I’m speaking from my own personal experience. I’m saying this because there’s something that we must understand about relationship confidentiality. Relationship confidentiality is keeping your business to your damn self. Every time something goes wrong in your relationship shouldn’t be grounds for bashing your partner to the world.

For those who are not able to maintain relationship confidentiality, here are a couple of tips…

Your family and friends will almost always have your side without hearing both sides of the story. With this being said, they will entertain your need to vent, and offer you their two sense as well. Their two sense may not be what you want to hear, but oftentimes or not, it’s what you need to hear. If this is something that you cannot handle, then keep your business to yourself. Common sense.

By you portraying your significant other as this horrible individual, your family and friends will believe that he or she is this horrible individual. Makes sense, right? Don’t project a negative image of the person you love to your family and friends just because you’re temporarily upset. When you’re no longer upset with your partner, and want to share good news with others, they’re looking at you like a clown because you just told them bad news that they aren’t ready to bounce back from and forget. Here’s and example: Elizabeth has told her friends that her boyfriend cheats on here. Two weeks later, she states that they are getting married. Her family and friends aren’t happy for the fact that they have this preconceived image of what type of man she will be marrying. Elizabeth thinks everyone is jealous and hating on her relationship.

The above statement sounds crazy as hell doesn’t it? Believe it or not, that’s a true statement that far too many people have experienced. Ladies, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be able to vent to those closest to you about certain things going on in your relationship. What I’m saying is, be careful with the image you present of the man or woman you love. Don’t let everyone in on every single mishap that happens between you two.

“Relationships aren’t perfect, and many times, in the midst of anger we tend to want to say ugly things that we later regret.”

If you know that in the next 24 hours you and your partner will be back on good terms and in love again, then allow that to happen with confidentiality. Too often the world is sitting back with popcorn waiting on your relationship to fail, don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. Embrace your relationship journey.

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