Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a little about myself and The 30’s Chronicle.

About me, well lets just say I’m a woman who prays, veteran, travel lover, introvert with a bit of goofiness, entrepreneur with the intentions of having my name in the magazines right next to Oprah, modern day hippie, dog owner, risk taker, embracer of my new locs, wine connoisseur who loves a good reality t.v show,  who believes one day God will bless me with the talent to star in my own movie…but I’ll settle with being a gangster rapper. Whichever one comes first.  Now that we are done talking about me : )…..

The 30’s Chronicle came about when I turned 29 in 2016 and realized that I was at the end of life being a 20-something year old. This was followed by a short bout of depression that quickly turned into acceptance. I knew that I wasn’t the only person who felt this way so I decided to create a platform where like-minded individuals could come together to inspire and motivate. Just like myself, you’ll find that each blog post is short and straight to the point, usually consisting of 600 words or less. The platform is open to new and seasoned writers from all walks of life who would like to share their story, experiences, and advice to anyone who cares to read. All the writers are either going on 30, or currently living in their 30’s, but the platform welcomes readers of all ages. I aim to keep the platform free from gossip, and social media influence, while providing a welcoming community of individuals.

In each post you will find discussions about life, love and relationships, finances, business, sex, travel, and everything in between. Consider this an outlet where all who are interested are welcome to share their stories, advice and life lessons. The 30’s Chronicle is here to make you smile, think, laugh, motivate, and inspire.

“Through this platform, I aim to build a close-knit community one blog post at a time.”

Welcome to The 30’s Chronicle!



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