Life As A Perceived Adult Introvert: What It’s Really Like Being An Introvert

Yes. I’m a perceived introvert. I’d prefer a night alone with a glass of wine and a good documentary or Pixar movie, over a night out on the town with friends. I have ONE person I consider to be a friend. Yes, I said one. Don’t judge me. I don’t like clubs or bars. I’d prefer a coffee shop…with headphones in. I’m the type of person who would love having many friends, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Nope, I’m not a phone person either. I’m horrible, I know. The life of a perceived introvert.

Although I love a life of peace and tranquility, I’m not what you would call an extreme introvert, whatever that means. I love talking to people and can hold a conversation with almost anyone I meet. I’m goofy, love to laugh, and have been told I talk way too much. I’ve also been told that I’m approachable. That makes me feel good to know that I’m not a victim of the bitch-face syndrome that drives people away. Maybe it’s my smile. I gain new friendships easily, keeping them is another story (I’m working on keeping in contact with people as we speak).  In romantic relationships, I’m very normal.

“My introvert mentality doesn’t interfere with my family or romantic relationship, but it does make it harder for me to keep friends who may not understand that I need more space than the average person…but we still cool. you know?”
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Self Care: You Are a Priority Not an Option

Self care, I believe it to be one of the most selfish selfless acts one can do, particularly those of us living in our 30s.  No, that statement was not a typo, it is more like an oxymoron.  Simply put, it is all about you taking care of you and making sure your mind, body and spirit are well. Some would say that is an act of selfishness when in essence it really expresses the statement: “make sure your house in order before inviting others to come over.” Western society has us trained to believe that we must always help our fellow man, lend our neighbor a hand at all cost…even at our expense. Continue reading Self Care: You Are a Priority Not an Option