2016 Highlights: An Unforgettable Year

2016 has been a great year. I’m not dead, I have all of my limbs, and I haven’t landed myself in jail. Therefore, I have no complaints. I used to make New Year’s resolution promises, but I never actually fulfilled any of those promises, so now I just vow to try to live better and do better. With that being said, here are a few of my 2016 highlights.

If you’ve been following along, then most of you would know that I had the amazing opportunity to backpack through Africa for the first time. I call this the journey of a lifetime. If you would have asked me 2 years prior would I ever backpack any country, let alone Africa, I would have said hell no. Things changed. My mind changed…and there I was, at the airport boarding a one-way flight to Cape Town, South Africa with all of my belongings crammed into a 30 lb. backpack. My mission, travel from South Africa to Egypt using nothing but Africa’s public transportation system and immersing myself in the culture along the way. Mission accomplished. Continue reading 2016 Highlights: An Unforgettable Year

Knocking on 30’s Door: 28 Birthdays and Counting

Lights flicker as I hear the restaurant doors burst open and my family and friends walk towards me singing Happy Birthday. 28 candles beam atop a beautiful cake. I suddenly start to panic! Just the other day I was turning 22! Could this be possible?!

“Suddenly the sense of urgency to get your life together comes over you like a flood.”

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On A Mission To Achieve My Life’s Purpose.

I’m 34. 7 months in and 5 months shy of 35, and I’m depressed. What am I doing with my life? This is a question I have been asking myself for nearly 10 years. I should have a degree. I should have a home. I should have 3 kids, a spouse and maybe some kind of exotic animal. Unfortunately, I have none of those things.

Here’s a synopsis of my life thus far; I am an original college dropout who suffers from serial procrastination. I have been in and out of Universities and/or community colleges within the past 9 years, majoring in everything from Psychology to Nuclear Medicine. I haven’t had a dream of “being” anything since I was 10. So as for what I wanted to be when I grew up…crickets. Continue reading On A Mission To Achieve My Life’s Purpose.