The Bigger the Burden, The Bigger the Blessing.

At 20 I made the decision to join the United States Air Force. At the time, I had no idea how big of a burden had been placed on my shoulders. At such a young age, I had a great responsibility, and I felt as though maybe I wasn’t cut out for such a task. I endured, honorably. God kept me under his wing during my 2 deployments in Qatar and Afghanistan. Afghanistan, that was a tough mission. Although I can’t go into detail of the mission, lets just say I’m blessed to have made it home alive with all of my limbs and my sanity. Since I’ve been home, I’m thankful for all the perks that comes along with being a veteran. I’ve had the opportunity to obtain my bachelor’s degree, paid for by the military…and if I wanted to go as far as becoming a doctor, in the state of Texas, that would also be paid for. Not to mention, while in school, all your books and cost of living is paid for. Of course, there’s much more, but for these alone I’m thankful. By honorably serving my country, and risking my life for the freedom of our nation, I can honestly say that I’m a proud veteran and wouldn’t have changed this for the world. Although the burden was big, God blessed me with so much more. Continue reading The Bigger the Burden, The Bigger the Blessing.

Purpose. Power. Persistence: Having Faith When You’re Discouraged

The other day a young lady confided in me via Instagram. She spoke to me about her lack of faith of finally reaching her calling in life. I was honored that she felt comfortable enough to confide in me, and I enjoyed our heartfelt conversation. After the conversation was over, I sat and thought for a while. This young lady isn’t the only one having trouble believing that her blog, business, personal life, or job will finally grow in the way of her vision. There are many people out there, including myself, that sometimes wonder if what we’re doing will finally pay off, and when.  

“Faith It, Until You Make it.” ~Erica Dias~

It’s so easy to become discouraged when you look around and see everyone’s vision falling into place but yours. What we don’t see on the surface is all the hard work, sleepless nights, failures, stressful days, effort, praying over, and faith building these individuals have put into their work in order to bring their vision to reality. So this is the basis of this blog post. Continue reading Purpose. Power. Persistence: Having Faith When You’re Discouraged

Is my womanhood measured by the length of my heels?

“I’m not the average girl from your video, and I ain’t built like a super model, but I learned to love myself unconditionally, because I am a queen.” ~India Arie~

Everything about me screams lady. I’m feminine. I’m beautiful. I have a smile to die for. But, I’m not into heels. I’m not into makeup. I wear my hair natural…I like to dress comfortable. This isn’t to say that I don’t carry myself like a lady, but I’m a far cry from your average fashionista. I had to define ladylike for myself, without the influence of the media and my peers.

“Figuring out my own agenda was vital so that I could know that I was in an alignment with my truth.”

At this moment in time, my definition of fashion is wearing what I love and feeling comfortable in what I have on. Continue reading Is my womanhood measured by the length of my heels?

On A Mission To Achieve My Life’s Purpose.

I’m 34. 7 months in and 5 months shy of 35, and I’m depressed. What am I doing with my life? This is a question I have been asking myself for nearly 10 years. I should have a degree. I should have a home. I should have 3 kids, a spouse and maybe some kind of exotic animal. Unfortunately, I have none of those things.

Here’s a synopsis of my life thus far; I am an original college dropout who suffers from serial procrastination. I have been in and out of Universities and/or community colleges within the past 9 years, majoring in everything from Psychology to Nuclear Medicine. I haven’t had a dream of “being” anything since I was 10. So as for what I wanted to be when I grew up…crickets. Continue reading On A Mission To Achieve My Life’s Purpose.

South Africa: What Table Mountain Taught Me About Self Doubt

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you make it to the top.”

This quote, given to me by one of the local South African taxi cab driver, kept running through my head with every excruciating step I took up that mountain. My legs were shaking. My feet in severe pain. I felt like every muscle in my body had given out. Although, out of shape with no previous hiking experience, I made the crazy decision to hike up Table Top Mountain, one of Africa’s 7 wonders. “What did I get myself into?” is the question I asked myself every few steps. There were moments when I contemplated going back down, but the further I climbed, going back down no longer became an option. I got the frequent “good job,” and “you’re almost there,” from fellow hikers passing me by. To be honest, these words of affirmation kept me going. Continue reading South Africa: What Table Mountain Taught Me About Self Doubt